Skilled Trades

Skilled trades people are the backbone of America’s infrastructure both publicly and corporately. They build our roads and our buildings. They supply power to industry and to our homes. Within the machining industry, they build and operate the “machines that build the machines”. Most all skilled trades personnel go through a long apprenticeship program while learning their trade from older and more experienced craftspersons.

Toolmakers, electricians, plumbers, masons, pipe fitters, sheet metal mechanics and a host of other people involved in skilled trades have to study their craft and eventually pass state certification tests to be deemed as Journeymen in their field. Usually, this process involves at least 4 years of hard work and classroom study and starts out with them doing the most difficult and dirty jobs within their trade while patiently watching, observing and learning.

If you are a skilled trades person and are looking for work, send your resume to us and we may be able to help you secure a position with one of the many trades companies we deal with.