Clerical & Office Support Recruiters

Ask any business owner what he or she would do without the help of competent office support and they would probably tell you that they would be lost.

The need for support personnel extends not just to answering the phones, but to A/P, A/R, filing, document handling and preparation, presentation graphics, making travel arrangements and setting up meetings and any number of specialized skills. With the onset of technology of the office, the “secretary” of the past has evolved into something far greater than it ever was. Once upon a time a couple of file cabinets, a simple phone system, a typewriter, a steno pad and a fax machine were all that was required to run an office. Today’s office support person must know how to run complicated phone systems with any number of different options, software run on desktop, office or enterprise servers, complex file retention and maintenance systems and an endless number of other technologies such as email, web surfing, web faxing that are continuously changing.

At Quality Recruiting we realize the challenges that face today’s clerical and office support personnel and work hard to acomodate the ever changing technology challenges they face. Along with an exhaustive library of testing software, we can provide specialized on-line tutorials where certain skill sets are found to be in need of upgrading. On the client side, we work hard to understand the specific needs of our clients so that we can better identify and recruit the correct support personnel.

No potential candidate is sent to an interview with first being thoroughly tested for the specific skills needed and found to be proficient in those skills. Our candidates are ALL personally interviewed by one of our highly experienced recruiters before a determination is made to send a candidate’s resum√© into a client. Each person we put to work is an extension of our office and a reflection on us, so we work hard to make sure that our first impression is always a good one.