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Java Security Vulnerability

There have been a LOT of security breaches as of late due to vulnerabilities found in JAVA. If you’d like to read more about this, go to Kim Komando online at

Bring in your pets…

If you’re cold, so are your pets. If you must let your pets out during this cold weather, please remember to get them back inside as soon as they’re done with their business outside. Many dogs and cats can stay out in the cold for hours without consequence, but many cannot, especially short haired pets.… Continue Reading

A request from Quality Recruiting about safety

As a temporary employer, one of our biggest concerns; something that is at the forefront of our business model is Employee Safety. Unfortunately, that is not the case with all employers when it comes to temporary help. So, we make it our business to first inspect potential employer work sites for safety and then monitor… Continue Reading

Stay safe when the snow falls!

It seems that every year when the snow first starts to fly, there’s a whole rash of fender benders and accidents. It looks like any day now, the snow may be falling and accumulating, so please be careful and take the time to once again familiarize yourself with driving during and after a snowfall and… Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s become a complex world we live in, much more so than the one our parents grew up in. Every week there seems to be new violence breaking out in some different part of the world and oil has become the new gold standard. We have our detractors and we even have people within our… Continue Reading

Some post-election thoughts…

Finally, the long road to the US Presidential Elections is over, and not a moment too soon! Every 4 years we get an opportunity to exercise our freedom to choose who we want to represent us on the world stage. For the second time, we have chosen Barrack Hussein Obama to serve in that role.… Continue Reading

November 6 – Election Day

As Americans it is one our greatest freedoms to go to the polls every 4 years to re-elect or remove a President. There are many countries in the world where “the people” never have that opportunity or privilege. Elections are a type of house cleaning. We can either keep the same people we have in… Continue Reading