Sandy’s Aftermath

Our prayers and concerns go out to all of the people affected by “superstorm” Sandy. Despite all of our technology, events like this are a reminder of how fragile we can be and that we are pretty much powerless when it comes to the power of nature. Our thanks go out to ALL of the… Continue Reading

Website for Situational Interviews

More and more companies are using situational interviews in the vetting process these days for potential candidates. Situational interviews are quite simply, just that. A situation is presented to you, the candidate, and you then have to describe what you would do in that particular situation. Please take a look at…    Situational Interview Databse   Continue Reading

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Here is an article from the website that I thought might be of interest to some people that might be the victims of workplace bullying.   Career Management How to detect and protect against workplace bullying By Guest Contributor October 15, 2012, 5:26 AM PDT October is National Bullying Prevention Month. In honor of that… Continue Reading

Some job search expenses are tax deductible.

What many people don’t realize or take advantage of is the fact that many job searching expenses and costs are tax deductible. Being out of work is bad enough for many people struggling to get by on lower of limited incomes, so this may offer just a little bit of relief for individuals searhing for… Continue Reading

The last day of Summer

It seems like just yesterday that the snow was melting and the weather was starting to warm up. Now, it’s the last day of Summer. The leaves are all starting to turns, the geese are flying overhead to the south and my snow plowing contractor has already come around with his new contract. I love… Continue Reading

Reminiscing about Kodak

As I sit in my office here in High Falls, I look out my window, in the shadow of Kodak World Headquarters, and I can’t help but reminisce about the company that George built, and the profound effect it has had on all of us. Growing up probably half of the kids I went to… Continue Reading

Don’t pass up “temporary” opportunities.

Did you know that in the first quarter of 2012 the number of U.S. temporary or contract workers grew by 6 percent over the previous year? Did you know that 50% of all placements that started out as temporary and turned into full-time employment were never intended to be temp-to-direct positions? These were jobs that… Continue Reading