Things to avoid in an interview

Bring your best self.

  1. Poor personal appearance – take time to look good for your interview.
  2. Lack of interest and enthusiasm; passive and indifferent – show interest in the possibilities!
  3. Over-emphasis on money. – Don’t get “stuck” on the money issue. If it’s not enough money, try to ask what you have to do to move ahead financially.
  4. Criticism of past employer – interviewers never like to hear this.
  5. Poor eye contact with interviewer – make eye contact but don’t stare.
  6. Late to interview – this should NEVER happen! 
  7. Failure to express appreciation for interviewer’s time – always try to thank the interviewer for their time before and after the interview.
  8. Asks no questions about the job – think of some good questions about the job before you go in to  interview.
  9. Indefinite answers to questions – try to be specific and concise with your answers.
  10. Overbearing, aggressive, conceited with ‘know-it-all’ complex. – Try to be endearing and humble. 
  11. Inability to express self clearly; poor voice, poor diction, poor grammar. – It’s never a bad idea to conduct a practice interview with a friend before going in, working on these items.
  12. Lack of planning for career, no purpose or goals – understand and know what your career goals are before you go into your interview.
  13. Lack of confidence and poise, nervous, ill at ease – act confident in your ability to perform the job, but not overly so.  
  14. Makes excuses, evasive, hedges on unfavorable factors on record – know what the “holes” in your resume are and be prepared to explain them honestly.
  15. Lack of tact 
  16. Lack of courtesy, ill-mannered
  17. Sloppy application form – take the time to make sure you fill the application out neatly. Not like you can’t wait to get it over with and get out of there.
  18. No interest in company or industry – if you come in knowing nothing about the job or the company it shows a lack of interest on your part.
  19. Being cynical
  20. Being intolerant of others and showing strong prejudices – This is unacceptable and will lose you the opportunity.